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Conradia Medical Prevention

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A new dimension of medical health check-ups!

Welcome to Conradia Medical Prevention, your partner for preventive medicine and health check-ups in Hamburg and Munich. Find out here about our comprehensive range of services, which combines our expertise in internal medicine with the possibilities offered by the latest imaging diagnostics for prevention and early detection and guarantees you the highest medical standard.

You too can benefit from the full range of our medical check-ups, allowing you to identify and treat your personal health risks and conditions at an early stage — often long before you first become aware of any symptoms. A high-powered lifestyle, stress or a family history of certain conditions could mean that your health is in jeopardy, with a predisposition to one of the so-called silent killers, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or cancer. Our check-up programme reliably uncovers such risks, which otherwise may go undetected for too long.Armed with this knowledge, we support you in implementing positive changes in your personal everyday life.

Our experts and our highly motivated support staff give you their undivided attention and expertise and work together as an interdisciplinary team, always equipped with the most up-to-date diagnostic tools.

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Our Check-up Programme

Premium Check-up

Complete internal check-up focussing on the early detection of specific risks and diseases with a detailed discussion of the results, advice on lifestyle optimisation and a comprehensive report of findings.

Premium Image Check-up

Premium Check-up with an additional whole-body  MRI as an ideal search test for pathological changes in the body that cannot be detected or excluded using other examination methods.

Premium Image Plus Check-up

Premium Image Check-up plus further imaging techniques selected according to your individual risk profile or, where indicated, the targeted clarification of existing complaints, which are included in the overall assessment and consultation.

Conradia Medical Prevention ausgezeichnet durch das Handelsblatt

Im großen Ranking „Deutschlands beste Gesundheitsdienstleister“ widmete sich das Handelsblatt im letzten Jahr umfangreich der Gesundheitslandschaft in Deutschland.

Conradia Medical Prevention erzielt einen Platz in der Spitzengruppe „Check-Up-Zentren 2019 in Deutschland“

Grundlage dafür ist eine repräsentative Verbraucherbefragung mit mehr als 47.000 Urteilen zu 295 Dienstleistern aus 17 Kategorien. In der Kategorie „Check-Up-Zentren“ einen Platz in der Spitzengruppe zu erzielen überzeugt um so mehr, da wir mit unserem neuen Namen „Conradia“ gerade erst seit wenigen Monaten auf dem Markt sind.

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THIS IS WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY28/10/2018I have had my medical checkup and am completely convinced of the physicians who have treated me. Special thanks to Dr. Frank, he has explained my results to me and showed me some minor details, which were not okay. I will come back!
THIS IS WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY13/03/2019Best place to diagnose, thanks to Dr. Peter Ferenczy.
THIS IS WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY04/04/2019This year, I have visited Dr. Frank for my fourth medical checkup. I have come to know him as a very competent physician. I liked that very much!!! For this reason, I drive from Berlin to Munich every two years for the check-up – physicians like this are rare to find!