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Targeted assessment of symptoms

Additional services

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In addition to the comprehensive check-up programmes, Conradia Medical Prevention offers a wide range of additional services, which can be booked separately to correspond to a specific risk profile. The procedures are selected and conducted according to the guidelines of the German Scientific Medical Societies.

Some of the services listed below are already included in our check-up packages, but can also be booked individually.

Additional imaging techniques

Additional imaging techniques

Cardiovascular system – I

Coronary Artery CalciumScoring (CAC) is a technique that does not require contrast agent, and allows us to detect or exclude early stages of atherosclerosis. The procedure is recommended in the presence of risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, smoking, elevated cholesterol levels or a family history of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular system – II

Noninvasive CT coronary angiography (with contrast agent) allows imaging of the coronary blood vessels without the need to insert a catheter into the groin. If your personal profile indicates that you may be at risk or are already experiencing symptoms, this method allows us to detect narrowing of the coronary blood vessels (which may lead to a heart attack) at an early stage or exclude it entirely. This technique allows us to determine your individual level of risk with a greater degree of accuracy than traditional clinical tests.

Cardiovascular system – III

Stess echocardiography:ultrasound imaging of the heart during physical exercise allows us to detect haemodynamically relevant abnormalities of blood flow through the coronary blood vessels that would be hard to assess conclusively in a stress ECG.Concurrent measuring of heart rate and blood pressure provides significant data on the heart’s performance and, when present, irregular heartbeats(arrhythmia).

Prostate MRI

Multiparametric MRI of the prostate (mpMRI) is a method to detect early-stage cancer, and achieves a detection rate of prostate carcinomas of over 90%. Given a negative test result, clinically relevant carcinomas can be excluded with a high degree of certainty, allowing you to forgo an unnecessary biopsy.

Breast MRI

Asa gentle, radiation-free, non-invasive diagnostic tool, MRI allows us to safely scan for even the smallest of changes to breast tissue in their earliest stages and give an accurate diagnosis.

Pulmonary check-up (for smokers)

A low-dose computed tomography (CT) of the lungs permits the early detection of lung cancer in persons with an elevated risk profile (e.g. heavy smokers,  exposure to asbestos, sarcoidosis). Recent studies have shown that, using this technique, numerous forms of lung cancer can be diagnosed at a stage when they are small and respond well to therapeutic interventions, and thus can be considered curable.

Virtual colonoscopy

A virtual colonoscopy using CT or MRI is a non-invasive computerised form of screening for colorectal polyps and cancers. The method is almost as effective a diagnostic tool as the conventional colonoscopy, which is still indicated as a follow-up exam should any suspicious areas be detected.

Additional specialised medical examinations and services

Additional specialised medical examinations and services


gynaecological medical history and physical examination
hormonal status (e.g.FSH, ECLIA, estradiol E2)

  • transvaginal ultrasound
  • 3D ultrasound mammogram

if indicated: cervical smear, fungal culture, urine cytology
specialist consultation based on the results

Urology for men (andrology)

urological medical history and physical examination
hormonal status (e.g.FSH, ECLIA, testosterone)
urological ultrasound exam

  • ultrasound imaging of the kidneys and the bladder
  • transrectal ultrasound of the prostate and the seminal vesicles
  • ultrasound of the external genital organs

if indicated: issues with erectile dysfunction (in consultation with the cardiologist)
specialist consultation based on the results

Colonic check-up (conventional technique)

for patients aged 50 or above, or if you are experiencing symptoms, or the procedure is otherwise indicated.
assessment of gastroenterological history and physical examination
optical colonoscopy: the standard endoscopic screening for colorectal cancer
including, if indicated, a histological exam
maybe combined with a gastroscopic exam
specialist consultation based on the results

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (endoscopic visualization of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum)

to clarify unexplained upper gastrointestinal discomfort or pain
endoscopic exam of the esophagus, the stomach and the duodenum in one sitting
including, if indicated, a histological exam
may be combined with colonoscopy
specialist consultation based on the results

Musculoskeletal system (orthopaedic exam)

clinical orthopaedic history and physical examination
functional assessment, including evaluation of the MRI results concerning the spine and joints
obtained during the full-bodyMRI
specialist consultation based on the results

Hormonal imbalance check-up

for chronic fatigue, nervousness or sexual dysfunction
clinical endocrinological history and physical examination
comprehensive hormone test panel
if indicated, ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland
specialist consultation based on the results, if indicated, hormone replacement therapy

Neurological check-up

for somatosensory disorders, numbness, paralysis, memory loss, unexplained shaking, headaches
clinical neurological history and physical examination
evaluation of neurological functions
if indicated, MRI of the head
specialist consultation based on the results

BrainCheck Precision Plus

for impaired memory function and/or family history of dementia
MRI-based volumetric analysis of individual brain areas
functional screening, including the DemTect dementia screening test
specialist consultation based on the results, where appropriate in cooperation with a specialised memory clinic

Rheumatism check-up

for somatosensory disorders and joint and/or muscle pain
clinical rheumatological history and physical examination
survey of past infections, connective tissue disorders, soft tissue rheumatism, targeted evaluation of the condition of spine and joints
specific rheumatism test panel:

  • anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP)
  • antinuclear antibodies, if positive / titre higher than 1:160
  • extractable nuclear antigen (ENA) and double-stranded DNA antibodies (dsDNA)
  • complements C3 and C4
  • human leukocyte antigen (HLA)B27 typing

specialist consultation based on the results

ENT check-up

ENT-specific history and physical examination
ear microscopy
nasal endoscopy
left/right ear audiometry (hearing test)
specialist consultation based on the results

Ophthalmological check-up

clinical ophthalmological examination
tonometry to determine intraocular pressure
ophthalmoscopy of the front and back structures of the eye
digital retina imaging
specialist consultation based on the results

Dermatological check-up 

full-body dermatological exam
video dermatoscopy
specialist consultation based on the results

Allergological check-up

allergy-specific history
allergy test for the most common airborne allergens (pollen, dust mites, moulds) and foods
specialist consultation based on the results

Vein check-up

clinical phlebological history and physical examination
Doppler ultrasound scan of the legs
venous occlusion plethysmography
specialist consultation based on the results

Preventive genetics

the precise nature and scope of the examination to be determined after a comprehensive (family) history has been established
specialist consultation based on the results

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